Slots for your performance

please select a slot to book and email or phone 0208 694 1888 to confirm

PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR A SLOT BEFORE TALKING WITH US AND CONFIRMING YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONDITIONS SET BELOW.  Press the buttons above to pay for a slot. We will hold the slot for 24 hours after agreeing the time slot with us. 

The slots below are to perform at The London Theatre as part of the Lewisham Fringe Festival


We are happy to accept plays, sketch groups, solo shows, puppetry, dance, film and music.  Please note that you must hold full rights to the performance and your show must be have a set which can be installed and struck withing your slot period.  Lighting will be basic theatre white lights that can snap or fade and cover three areas of the stage..  Each show can last no longer then 1 hour.  Tickets can be sold via WeGotTickets and you can sell your own tickets at the door. The venue does not take any ticket money from you.   The slot is only confirmed once full payment made.  Please call us or email us to tell us about your performance, once agreed  you just click on the box above and payment for the slot is taken.  If a company cancels a show, no refund on the hire charge is made from the theatre.  You must state that doors open 30 mins before the performance on your tickets.

You get access to the space, 45 mins before the start of your show and doors must be open to the public 30 mins before the show.  The audience do not have access to the actual theatre until a few mins before the start of the show and remain in the bar area.   All performers, props and set must be clear from the bar area from this time. 

The visiting company provides their own tech and person to man the box office for 30 mins before the start of the show.   Please note that PRS fees must be paid by the visiting company for any incidental music used before the performance starts and all PRS permissions obtained for any music used and featured during the performance.  PRS fees do not need to be paid for sound effects containing no copyrighted music.  Companies are advised to get permission for music used from PRS at least three weeks before the performance. Please contact us for a list of PRS fees.  If you believe that music used is not in copyright, please supply an exempt certificate.    (please note Royalty free music often has a clause that it can not be used for commercial gain and so is not exempt from PRS fees. Unless the use applies to commercial use, fees must be paid).   PRS fees must be paid in full before the start of the show  and so companies must bring funds to cover this.  

Filming - You may film the performance subject to an additional fee of £50 being paid to the venue (our normal rates are £110 for filming). This should be agreed and paid for prior to the date of the performance.   For all our weekend morning shows  or any show aimed at children, no permission will be given to film any area of the theatre or bar area or the show.   You must state on all tickets at point of sale that filming will take place and we will refuse permission if this is not done or you turn up on the day to film without our prior consent.

Shows for Children -   Please note that only the 10am show on the Saturday or Sunday can be booked for shows aimed at children.    All other performances must state on your point of sale OVER 18's only.  Any actor under the age of 16 must have proof from their local council that they are allowed to perform, this should be applied for at least 21 days before the performance.  Please note due to changes in the law, a parent can no longer act as the registered chaperone of their own child. 

The theatre can provide a table and two chairs to be used in a performance and we recommend that all sound cues be on a laptop with a CD back up.   Our tech will demonstrate our manual system (our coloured LED computer system will be switched off during the festival and the use of our in house projector again cannot be used.    The theatre seating is set at 35 for the festival. 


During previous festivals we have not been so strict in over running however it has created problems for us with other festival users, so have decided to make it a condition that every performance is one hour max this year.   All shows must start on time regardless of audience not yet arrived and a performance can start 5 mins late if less then 1 hour in length.  Last year we had plays running up to 15 mins over, so to make it clear and  a condition of booking, for each performance we have programmed the lights to go to red and the house lights then to come on after 65 mins of the performance starting. Any show will be deemed to have overrun at this time and will not be allowed to continue.  You must provide someone to let in late comers as we shut the doors at the start of the performance if no one remains at the box office. 

All live stand up shows are to be for Tues to Thurs slots only at 7pm.  

Rehearsal space can be booked at £35 for 6 hours  (10am - 4pm Mon to Fri) on first come basis

email  or use our contact form